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字体: 背景: 纯白 淡绿 微黄



 ( 1)黄金萨克斯01·望春风 【143.87MB】
 ( 2)黄金萨克斯02·茉莉花 【130.22MB】
 ( 3)黄金萨克斯03·Endless love(电影《无尽的爱》) 【136.10MB】
 ( 4)黄金萨克斯04·CASABLANCA 卡萨布兰卡 【149.40MB】
 ( 5)黄金萨克斯05·THE JOY OF LIFE生活的喜悦 【144.82MB】
 ( 6)黄金萨克斯06·GREEN SLEEVES 绿袖子 【159.33MB】
 ( 7)黄金萨克斯07·GOING HOME 回家 【164.16MB】
 ( 8)黄金萨克斯08·MONALISA(蒙娜丽莎) 【165.02MB】
 ( 9)黄金萨克斯09·DONT CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA 阿根廷别为我哭泣 【148.58MB】
 (10)黄金萨克斯10·CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT 狮子王 【163.08MB】
 (11)浪漫萨克斯61首 【210.23MB】

  萨克斯-茉莉花.mp3 128K 4:32  (4.15MB)
(1)黄金萨克斯01·望春风 【143.87MB】
  01.Spring breeze望春风.mp3 320K 3:26  (7.85MB)
  02.yesterday昨日.mp3 320K 2:17  (5.23MB)
  03.brahms luiiaby摇篮曲.mp3 320K 3:18  (7.55MB)
  04.green grass of home碧草如茵的家园.mp3 320K 3:12  (7.32MB)
  05.yesterday once more昨日重现.mp3 320K 4:45  (10.86MB)
  06.feeling情感.mp3 320K 3:20  (7.61MB)
  07.how can i tell her有口难言.mp3 320K 4:25  (10.12MB)
  08.imagine幻想.mp3 320K 3:19  (7.59MB)
  09.woman in love恋爱中的女人.mp3 320K 3:54  (8.94MB)
  10.only you只有你.mp3 320K 2:50  (6.50MB)
  11.without you没有你.mp3 320K 3:25  (7.80MB)
  12.before the next teardrop falls落泪之前.mp3 320K 3:34  (8.16MB)
  13.daddy's home父亲在家.mp3 320K 3:15  (7.42MB)
  14.massachusetts马萨诸塞州.mp3 320K 2:56  (6.70MB)
  15.just when need you most你是我所需.mp3 320K 4:06  (9.39MB)
  16.kiss and say goodbye吻别.mp3 320K 4:02  (9.23MB)
  17.let it be让他去.mp3 320K 3:24  (7.78MB)
  18.bridge over troubled water黑水上的大桥.mp3 320K 3:24  (7.79MB)
(2)黄金萨克斯02·茉莉花 【130.22MB】
  01.jasmine flower茉莉花.mp3 320K 4:44  (10.82MB)
  02.500 miles离家500里.mp3 320K 3:02  (6.93MB)
  03.are you lonesome tonight你今宵寂寞吗.mp3 320K 3:11  (7.30MB)
  04.rhythm of the rain雨的律.mp3 320K 2:49  (6.44MB)
  05.sealed with a kiss以吻封缄.mp3 320K 3:23  (7.74MB)
  06.tennessee waltz田纳西瓦尔兹.mp3 320K 2:44  (6.27MB)
  07.the end of the world 世界末日.mp3 320K 2:32  (5.82MB)
  08.lover'stear情人的眼泪.mp3 320K 3:00  (6.85MB)
  09.summer kisses winter tear's多少柔情多少泪.mp3 320K 3:21  (7.67MB)
  10.more than i can say爱你在心口难开.mp3 320K 3:44  (8.53MB)
  11.summer time夏日时光.mp3 320K 2:56  (6.73MB)
  12.i really don't want to know过去的春梦.mp3 320K 2:49  (6.44MB)
  13.moon river月河.mp3 320K 3:19  (7.60MB)
  14.in the rain雨中.mp3 320K 5:02  (11.52MB)
  15.tequila烈酒.mp3 320K 2:10  (4.96MB)
  16.sail along silvery moon银月扬帆.mp3 320K 2:23  (5.44MB)
  17.i cant stop loving you一往情深.mp3 320K 3:12  (7.33MB)
  18.besame mucho热情相吻.mp3 320K 2:32  (5.80MB)
(3)黄金萨克斯03·Endless love(电影《无尽的爱》) 【136.10MB】
  01.unchained melody第六感生死恋.mp3 320K 6:32  (14.95MB)
  02.love story爱情故事.mp3 320K 3:42  (8.47MB)
  03.romeo and juliet殉情记.mp3 320K 2:37  (5.97MB)
  04.the sound of silence毕业生.mp3 320K 3:29  (7.96MB)
  05.godfather教父.mp3 320K 3:06  (7.09MB)
  06.endless love无尽的爱.mp3 320K 4:15  (9.73MB)
  07.love me tender铁血柔情.mp3 320K 2:20  (5.35MB)
  08.gone with the wind乱世佳人.mp3 320K 3:45  (8.59MB)
  09.the way we were往日情怀.mp3 320K 2:29  (5.67MB)
  10.evergreen(a star is born)星蒙泪痕.mp3 320K 3:34  (8.16MB)
  11.i just called to say i love you红衣女郎.mp3 320K 4:10  (9.52MB)
  12.up where we belong军官与绅士.mp3 320K 4:28  (10.23MB)
  13.my way夺标.mp3 320K 3:44  (8.56MB)
  14.somke gets in your eyes直到永远.mp3 320K 3:51  (8.82MB)
  15.seven nights in tokyo朹京假期.mp3 320K 3:22  (7.70MB)
  16.sayonara樱花恋.mp3 320K 4:03  (9.29MB)
(4)黄金萨克斯04·CASABLANCA 卡萨布兰卡 【149.40MB】
  01.somewhere in time似曾相识.mp3 320K 3:44  (8.55MB)
  02.because i love you因为我爱你.mp3 320K 3:50  (8.78MB)
  03.nothing's gonna change my love for you真情永不移.mp3 320K 3:39  (8.35MB)
  04.take my breath away捍卫战士.mp3 320K 4:02  (9.21MB)
  05.love is love神通情人梦.mp3 320K 5:55  (13.55MB)
  06.the one you love你所爱的人.mp3 320K 5:10  (11.81MB)
  07.love you for ever爱你一万年.mp3 320K 3:01  (6.91MB)
  08.always on my mind长驻我心.mp3 320K 3:29  (7.97MB)
  09.chariotsof fire火战车.mp3 320K 2:44  (6.26MB)
  10.careless whisper无心的呢喃.mp3 320K 4:55  (11.26MB)
  11.casablanca卡萨布兰卡.mp3 320K 4:39  (10.63MB)
  12.lost in love迷失在爱中.mp3 320K 4:15  (9.73MB)
  13.within you'll remain把心留住.mp3 320K 4:22  (9.99MB)
  14.wonderfoul world美妙的世界.mp3 320K 3:38  (8.32MB)
  15.everytime you go away每当你离去时.mp3 320K 3:37  (8.27MB)
  16.don't say goodnight莫道晚安.mp3 320K 4:17  (9.81MB)
(5)黄金萨克斯05·THE JOY OF LIFE生活的喜悦 【144.82MB】
  01.the joy of life生活的喜悦.mp3 320K 4:22  (9.99MB)
  02.dying young电影“伴你一生”.mp3 320K 4:03  (9.27MB)
  03.songbird歌之鸟.mp3 320K 5:02  (11.52MB)
  04.memory回忆.mp3 320K 3:11  (7.30MB)
  05.to all the girls i loved before献给我曾爱过的女孩.mp3 320K 3:36  (8.25MB)
  06.sawing all my love for you真情为你留.mp3 320K 3:59  (9.12MB)
  07.right here waiting在此等候.mp3 320K 3:31  (8.04MB)
  08.if you leave me now如果你现在离开我.mp3 320K 3:29  (7.99MB)
  09.we are the world四海一家.mp3 320K 2:42  (6.17MB)
  10.say you say me飞越苏联.mp3 320K 3:39  (8.36MB)
  11.hello哈罗.mp3 320K 4:00  (9.15MB)
  12.another day in paradise天堂的另一天.mp3 320K 4:20  (9.94MB)
  13.lady in red红衣女郎.mp3 320K 4:13  (9.65MB)
  14.just the way you are依然如昔.mp3 320K 3:27  (7.91MB)
  15.i can't tell you why无法向你表白.mp3 320K 3:05  (7.04MB)
  16.no more lonely nights夜晚不再孤寂.mp3 320K 2:54  (6.64MB)
  17.stand by me站在我这边.mp3 320K 3:43  (8.49MB)
(6)黄金萨克斯06·GREEN SLEEVES 绿袖子 【159.33MB】
  01.greensleeves绿袖子.mp3 320K 3:32  (8.10MB)
  02.what a wonderful world美好的世界.mp3 320K 2:28  (5.63MB)
  03.my heart will go on爱无止尽.mp3 320K 4:36  (10.53MB)
  04.i will always love you电影“终级保镖”.mp3 320K 4:26  (10.13MB)
  05.col ours of the wind电影“风中奇缘”.mp3 320K 5:00  (11.43MB)
  06.i do it for you侠盗王子罗宾汉.mp3 320K 5:20  (12.21MB)
  07.i'd love you to want me我要你爱我.mp3 320K 4:12  (9.62MB)
  08.it might be you电影“窈窕淑男”.mp3 320K 3:57  (9.06MB)
  09.the moment珍爱时光.mp3 320K 4:31  (10.32MB)
  10.sil houette侧影.mp3 320K 5:15  (12.00MB)
  11.champions夺标之声.mp3 320K 4:12  (9.61MB)
  12.loving you深爱你.mp3 320K 3:15  (7.44MB)
  13.holding beck the years珍惜好时光.mp3 320K 3:33  (8.12MB)
  14.the look of love爱的凝视.mp3 320K 5:22  (12.29MB)
  15.everytime i close my eyes每当我闭上双眼.mp3 320K 4:58  (11.36MB)
  16.by the time the night is over夜的尽头.mp3 320K 5:00  (11.45MB)
(7)黄金萨克斯07·GOING HOME 回家 【164.16MB】
  01.hello darling哈罗,亲爱的.mp3 320K 2:55  (6.68MB)
  02.we've only just begun我刚刚开始.mp3 320K 4:21  (9.94MB)
  03.this masquerade化妆舞会.mp3 320K 4:38  (10.60MB)
  04.havana哈瓦娜.mp3 320K 7:22  (16.88MB)
  05.lost in the rain迷失在雨中.mp3 320K 4:29  (10.25MB)
  06.new feeling新感觉.mp3 320K 4:14  (9.67MB)
  07.the great pretender伪君子.mp3 320K 3:56  (9.02MB)
  08.going home回家.mp3 320K 4:16  (9.76MB)
  09.nobody does it better没有人做得更好.mp3 320K 3:47  (8.68MB)
  10.waiting for you等你.mp3 320K 4:48  (10.98MB)
  11.norther lights北方之光.mp3 320K 5:02  (11.51MB)
  12.somewhere somehow大约某种方法.mp3 320K 3:28  (7.92MB)
  13.moonlight月光.mp3 320K 6:02  (13.81MB)
  14.let go走吧.mp3 320K 5:49  (13.33MB)
  15.over the rainbow绿野仙踪.mp3 320K 2:48  (6.42MB)
  16.the last waltz最后的华尔滋.mp3 320K 3:48  (8.71MB)
(8)黄金萨克斯08·MONALISA(蒙娜丽莎) 【165.02MB】
  01.Mona lisa蒙娜丽莎.mp3 320K 4:40  (10.68MB)
  02.Stellar主要的.mp3 320K 5:27  (12.46MB)
  03.You make me feel brand new使我焕然一新.mp3 320K 2:51  (6.52MB)
  04.Eastside jam朹区拥挤.mp3 320K 5:12  (11.91MB)
  05.Keep on waiting继续守候.mp3 320K 3:31  (8.04MB)
  06.Don't know much知道不多.mp3 320K 3:45  (8.60MB)
  07.Passages经过.mp3 320K 5:56  (13.57MB)
  08.Tonight今夜.mp3 320K 3:46  (8.62MB)
  09.Pastel轻描淡写.mp3 320K 5:47  (13.25MB)
  10.Wasting my time浪费我的时间.mp3 320K 3:44  (8.55MB)
  11.Summer song夏日恋曲.mp3 320K 4:36  (10.53MB)
  12.Yellow rose黄玫瑰.mp3 320K 4:03  (9.27MB)
  13.Tradewinds贸易风.mp3 320K 4:14  (9.68MB)
  14.Polka dots and moonbeams月光下跳波加舞.mp3 320K 3:29  (7.98MB)
  15.Autumn leaves秋叶.mp3 320K 5:59  (13.70MB)
  16.Don't we almost have it all我们几乎拥有一切.mp3 320K 5:05  (11.65MB)
(9)黄金萨克斯09·DONT CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA 阿根廷别为我哭泣 【148.58MB】
  01.wonderful tonight今夜多美妙.mp3 320K 3:57  (9.03MB)
  02.when a man loves a woman当男人爱上女人.mp3 320K 3:40  (8.39MB)
  03.you needed me你需要我.mp3 320K 3:26  (7.87MB)
  04.against all odds困难重重.mp3 320K 3:15  (7.45MB)
  05.don't cry for me argentina阿根廷别为我哭泣.mp3 320K 4:39  (10.65MB)
  06.uncle al艾尔叔叔.mp3 320K 4:37  (10.55MB)
  07.i'm not in love我没有在恋爱.mp3 320K 4:53  (11.18MB)
  08.part of my life我生命的一部分.mp3 320K 3:59  (9.10MB)
  09.innocence天真.mp3 320K 4:04  (9.31MB)
  10.miracle奇迹.mp3 320K 2:30  (5.71MB)
  11.our day will come我们美好日子将来临.mp3 320K 4:16  (9.76MB)
  12.against doctors orders依照医师处方.mp3 320K 4:07  (9.44MB)
  13.l onlist man说谎的人.mp3 320K 3:40  (8.41MB)
  14.we taste the silence of the night我们喜欢安静的夜晚.mp3 320K 5:02  (11.50MB)
  15.getting on the step步步高升.mp3 320K 4:19  (9.88MB)
  16.face to face面对面.mp3 320K 4:31  (10.33MB)
(10)黄金萨克斯10·CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT 狮子王 【163.08MB】
  01.can you feel the love tonight狮子王.mp3 320K 4:11  (9.58MB)
  02.whole new world阿拉丁.mp3 320K 3:26  (7.85MB)
  03.beauty and the beast美女与野兽.mp3 320K 4:29  (10.27MB)
  04.always永远.mp3 320K 5:36  (12.83MB)
  05.how can you stop你如何停止.mp3 320K 5:07  (11.71MB)
  06.we belong together我们适合在一起.mp3 320K 4:16  (9.77MB)
  07.save are so beautiful把美好的留下来.mp3 320K 3:47  (8.67MB)
  08.midnight motion午夜行动.mp3 320K 4:10  (9.53MB)
  09.forever in love永浴爱河.mp3 320K 4:33  (10.41MB)
  10.remember回忆.mp3 320K 5:55  (13.55MB)
  11.someone to watch over me我需要关怀.mp3 320K 4:07  (9.44MB)
  12.relax轻松一下.mp3 320K 4:45  (10.86MB)
  13.last night of the year除夕夜.mp3 320K 2:43  (6.22MB)
  14.got what it takes实至名归.mp3 320K 4:45  (10.87MB)
  15.here there and everywhere任何地方.mp3 320K 3:55  (8.98MB)
  16.everything ahppens to me万事如意.mp3 320K 5:28  (12.52MB)
(11)浪漫萨克斯61首 【210.23MB】
  爱的故事.mp3 256K 1:50  (3.36MB)
  爱情故事.mp3 32K 14:58  (3.42MB)
  爱人.mp3 32K 15:23  (3.52MB)
  爱之岛.mp3 32K 12:32  (2.87MB)
  伴我一生.mp3 32K 16:17  (3.73MB)
  从故乡出发.mp3 32K 11:13  (2.57MB)
  丹尼男孩.mp3 32K 11:12  (2.56MB)
  夺标.mp3 32K 17:29  (4.00MB)
  孤独.mp3 256K 2:45  (5.04MB)
  孤独的牧羊人.mp3 128K 4:22  (4.01MB)
  海滨陌生人.mp3 128K 2:38  (2.42MB)
  捍卫战士.mp3 256K 2:02  (3.73MB)
  何时.mp3 32K 10:54  (2.49MB)
  黑色伤痕的慢四步曲.mp3 32K 13:11  (3.02MB)
  黄昏的故乡.mp3 256K 1:35  (2.89MB)
  黄昏故乡.mp3 32K 13:32  (3.10MB)
  回家.mp3 32K 18:47  (4.30MB)
  极佳的.mp3 32K 11:08  (2.55MB)
  惊奇魅力.mp3 32K 11:42  (2.68MB)
  劳拉.mp3 32K 15:26  (3.53MB)
  泪水迷蒙.mp3 32K 16:53  (3.87MB)
  绿袖子.mp3 256K 1:50  (3.35MB)
  美妙的往日.mp3 128K 2:29  (2.28MB)
  鸣鸟.mp3 256K 2:34  (4.71MB)
  茉莉花.mp3 256K 2:23  (4.37MB)
  你的爱有多深.mp3 32K 13:05  (3.00MB)
  你的爱有多深1.mp3 128K 2:49  (2.59MB)
  女孩.mp3 32K 11:31  (2.64MB)
  期待.mp3 256K 2:36  (4.77MB)
  奇迹.mp3 256K 1:15  (2.29MB)
  秋冬.mp3 32K 15:06  (3.46MB)
  秋叶.mp3 128K 2:55  (2.67MB)
  人鬼情未了.mp3 128K 5:02  (4.63MB)
  任何男孩.mp3 32K 12:30  (2.86MB)
  伤感.mp3 32K 26:37  (6.09MB)
  生命之喜悦.mp3 256K 2:16  (4.14MB)
  生死恋.mp3 32K 14:36  (3.34MB)
  抒情.mp3 32K 14:24  (3.29MB)
  似曾相识.mp3 256K 1:53  (3.44MB)
  天性男孩.mp3 32K 24:36  (5.63MB)
  我的路.mp3 128K 3:50  (3.52MB)
  我将永远爱你.mp3 256K 2:16  (4.15MB)
  无尽的爱.mp3 128K 3:37  (3.32MB)
  午夜梦回.mp3 256K 2:06  (3.85MB)
  西班牙之眼.mp3 32K 13:24  (3.07MB)
  夏日.mp3 128K 3:30  (3.22MB)
  信风.mp3 256K 2:24  (4.40MB)
  殉情记.mp3 256K 1:18  (2.39MB)
  烟熏在你眼里.mp3 256K 1:38  (2.99MB)
  扬帆.mp3 32K 18:23  (4.21MB)
  夜雾.mp3 128K 2:35  (2.38MB)
  夜雾中的约会.mp3 32K 11:55  (2.73MB)
  永远的爱.mp3 256K 2:32  (4.65MB)
  宇宙.mp3 32K 15:04  (3.45MB)
  月河.mp3 256K 1:42  (3.10MB)
  月亮河.mp3 32K 11:27  (2.62MB)
  云雀嬉戏.mp3 32K 15:18  (3.50MB)
  在一次孤独.mp3 32K 14:28  (3.31MB)
  正是你的方式.mp3 128K 3:34  (3.27MB)
  走廊.mp3 256K 2:08  (3.90MB)
  昨日重现.mp3 32K 12:59  (2.97MB)

增加:浪漫萨克斯61首 【210.19MB】

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